Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UPA win the vote of confidence

Oh !!! What a drama !!! Similar to twists and turns of the hindi movie RACE :)

BJP is a loser in this whole as it clearly became an vote competition between Mayawati and Amar Singh. Eventually, Sinngh continued to remain king.

I am happy that UPA has won the confidence vote simply because nuclear deal should not be considered as an issue to bring any government down. Probaly, if congress would have done this entire exercise of taking house into confidence long time back... atleast the process would have been looked bit more elegant rather than wooing CPM alone !

Cash for vote episode brings back "punishment" to the focus. The law of the land should just remain in paper and it should be implemented.

The next revelation could be CNN-IBN's tapes on shady deals... Watch out for further amusement / entertainment.

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