Monday, July 7, 2008

Chokers deserve to lose

Indians choked in Asia cup finals against Sri Lanka. They were mesmerised / hypnotised in Mendis's bowling attack. I am happy in this defeat like a pervert due to the following reasons:

1. I was astonished by Dhoni's Luck and his horoscope for quite some time. All the 9 grahas were roaming behind him in the last two years. Probaly, they started taking some rest.
2. Indians cricketers mostly choke in finals & the data shows it. They have hardly won 2 finals, 2 shared out of 21 appearances. Dhoni was reminded about it & Ganguly must be smiling.
3. No one can have the cake and eat it too. These guys made some obscene money in IPL and they should feel bit let down on some days. So all i am saying, they cant have huge bank balances and enjoy it 24/7.
4. I am really looking forward for implementation of player rotation policy.

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