Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sensex outlook for July 2008

In June i predicted that Sensex could down to touch 14500. I was wrong. It came down further and touched 13500 in June and slipped below 13000 on July 1.

For July, my outlook would continue to be on the negative side. Sensex could well touch 11500 to 12000 levels. No respite in selling from stock market participants. Stay away if you can from buying for now. Shift to Gold if possible.

Now, Funny side of sensex analysis and impact:

1. NIFTY stands for No Income For This Year
2. Sensex - There is no sense in sensex levels, if one continue to buy equities, one will not get sex anywhere !!!
3. Equity is a bad word and it replaces the famous four letter word
4. AADI month discount sale for stocks started in June itself. Discount sale is so attractive that if offers upto 75%to 90% of its Jan 2008 value.
5. F1 button in trading system is disabled (F1 is used to push purchase orders in NSE / ODIN stock trading terminals).
6. SEBI orders brokers to collect investors medical report like sugar, diabetes, ECG before allowing him to trade.
7. Buy all hospital stocks as patients queue up for treatment due to erosion of wealth.
8. Message in the church " Jesus never fails" and investor posted a comment under that "until he trades in index futures" !!!!!

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