Saturday, July 26, 2008

Serial Blast in Bangalore, Ahmedabad

Another week, another blast happened in Bangalore; by the time one tries to recover from the event, another serial blast happened in Ahmedabad.

Looks like Ahmedabad blast is keenly planned and executed similar to the one in Jaipur. Hence, we are at the mercy of terrorits rather than indian police.

State Governments should step up their activity to modernise the police force, equip them with CCTV cameras, phone monitoring and above all allow them to work independently to prevent crimes instead of forcing them to perform mundane activities.

I dont see any point in blaming central government - i also dont see any point when central agencies say that they have issued alert to various state - they are routine alerts - no value in them.

Above all, Congress simply does not want to deal with terrorism with iron hand and it is clearly visible in the unresolved terrorits cases & no single conviction happened so far ! They think blaming some Muslim organisation is their duty and thats the end of it !!!!!


  1. I agree with u... cctv's have to place at the public areas to prevent the criminal activities...


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  2. I appreciate u r feelings... Government must have to take steps to avoid this kind of criminal activities... There are lot of security equipments are there to monitor public areas... so use them and prevent the damages

    Suresh Kumar

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