Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blogging experience so far

I had 11 months of blogging experience. I liked it fully. I think i got good support and patronage so far. Over 5300 hits, 800 profile views so far.

My attempt to put lyrics has considerably increased the hits. I generally write about current affairs, politics, sports, stock market. I am expecting some more comments from viewers. Pls oblige and continue to visit me. I will try to keep you entertained !!!


  1. How come u r having so much free time :)
    almost posting everyday.

  2. Hi An., dont u know that i am jobless? jokes apart, i am not writing Uliyin Osai, after all i post reactions to events around me which doesnt take more than 10m max.

  3. Good going Vj, keep posting.

  4. good going ..
    keep sparing ur 10 mintues for this daily :P