Wednesday, July 2, 2008

AAMIR - a great hindi movie

I watched AAMIR today and couldnt believe the experience i went through. Meaningful cinema, brilliant screenplay, direction, rivetting climax, sensible photography;

Amazing music and background score. Finally, it gives "it could happen to you" feeling.

Kudos to the team who made this movie and people who are part of this movie. It makes indian movie goers proud !!! thats why i am not naming anyone. A Must watch movie for all die hard movie goers.

It is a shame that people spend so much of money to make stupid movies like Tashan, Jhoom barabar jhoom.


  1. Point taken...seems like a "Dont Miss" movie...

  2. People who made Tashan have sold their brains I heard. It went for peanuts. :P

  3. Taare Zameen par ??