Friday, May 23, 2008

ADA - Music Review

A.R. Rahman's ADA is a highly experimental album - probably due to its age - 6 years...

This album would appeal only to two category of people - Rahman's die hard fans & serious music followers.

Others are strictly advised to avoid this album and better take shelter with your regular, comfortable music which you are used to :(

Only the ishq ada, gum sum jil mil track sounds decent and the rest are all sleepy, below average, lacklustre, experimental tunes in 1960-1980s mode !!!

After listening to the songs, i expect the movie to be an emotional sack. This album would flop heavily and can find a place along with Lakeer, kabhi na kabhi, kadhal virus etc...


  1. VijayGanesh

    I probably have a slightly different view about ADA. I liked Meherbaan & Ishq Ada(male version) on the first listening itself. The other songs have taken their time to grow on me. Now I also like Ishq Ada (female version), Milo Wahaan & Hai Dard.

    But as you said, this album is not for the masses. ARR fans & serious music listeners will like it better.

  2. KOC: Welcome ! Good to note that you liked Hai Dard.