Thursday, May 8, 2008

Movie - No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men is a subtle, violent, thriller movie set in texas - western background is enjoyable fair for intense movie goers.

The three key characters are fascinating, and the performances of the actors playing them are just as good. Javier Bardem gets the over-the-top role, as psycho killer (Anton Chigurh), hired by bad guys to track down $2 million that’s gone missing from a drug deal gone bad. Josh Brolin plays the noir anti-hero, (Llewelyn Moss), an alienated Texan who stumbles upon the cash and then sets out to keep it, even if Chigurh’s pursuit is relentless and a brutal outcome seems inevitable. And Tommy Lee Jones adds the western element – and much of the subtlety – as the world weary Sherriff Ed Tom Bell, who pursues both Moss and Chigurh

Many of Bardem's scenes are memorable. Slow narration, dark and natural photography, limited dialogues make the movie very interesting to watch. Background score hums only when it is absolutely necessary.

This movie is a lesson for movie makers who try to scare the viewers with hell lot of fights, bombs, sound effects.... Hence, dont miss it.

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