Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vodafone / Hutch Pug - Customer service TV Commercial - Lyrics

Hutch started using the Pug (variety of dog) long long time back.... with You & I in this beautiful world song.... They have come a long way.... People went crazy about the pug dog and started buying.... price of Pug went up and up and away (from Rs. 2000 to Rs.30,000 INR)

Latest controversy was alleged that Pug was can not run long distances.... & Vodafone management defended ....

Anyway, I liked the new customer service television commercial of Vodafone very much... Hence, i give the lyrics below and the link in which people can see.... It is also shown during IPL matches ...

Every day i want to fly - stay by my side
Every day i want to dream - stay by my side
Every morning i wish i could just play
Wish the mornings to just stay

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