Thursday, May 8, 2008

Movie - There will be Blood

Movie "there will be blood" is based on Upton Sinclair’s novel "Oil", the film depicts the rise of fictional oil barren Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) and his crazed lonely man’s destiny. Poisonous greed is represented by Plainview’s quest to drain the planet for his own personal wealth and the equally evil financial aspirations of his nemesis, an insane young preacher named Eli (Paul Dano). While Plainview saps the Earth for capitalistic gain, Eli preys on souls to further the spread of his maniacal doctrine.

The movie starts and grows very slowly and might test the patience of viewers who are used fast action movies. But great acting by protoganists, competition between them, hatred between them is narrated so nicely, one cant just sit quiet without appreciating it.

The photography is outstanding, film background so natural and greatly supported by original background score - Jonny Greenwood. His background score during the oil drill accident scene is still haunting my ears. Recommended only for serious movie goers, well crafted movie.

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