Friday, May 2, 2008

Kamalhasan's Dasavatharam Audio Release

Himesh Reshammya (Himesh Bhai) has composed tunes for the first time to a south indian movie. We know him for his techno sounds, nasal Ooooo's in Hindi. Let us see whats in store for us...Good that i didnt have any expectations :)

Mukuntha: A soothing bhajan song on Lord Krishna, well sung by Sadhna Sargam. On the final stages of the song, one grandma's (Kamal ?) voice adds up and contributes as distraction !!!

Ulaga Nayagan: Clean techno song. Full of glorification to Kamal. Nothing beyond that. One line of the song goes like this "United Nations will invite you" by Vairamuthu, utter nonsense !!! Gentle feminine voice of Vinith carries this song nicely. Irony of this song, "come dance with me before you go" is the most attractive line which keeps lingering on our minds:)

Kaa Karupanukkum: Another techno song, well sung by Shalini Singh. But forgettable song.

Kallai Mattum Kandal: Energetically sung by Hariharan and excellent tune. Looks like Kamal puts his "baktha" acting rather than "aetheist" acting. His character name is most likely "rangarajan" (Ah what a kandupidippu !!!). This song catches the attention immediately and ending with nice aalap. Vaali has written this song very well.

Saivam endru parthal deivam theriyathu

theivam endru parthal samayam kidayathu

kallai mattum kandal kadavul theriyathu

kadavul mattum kandal kall-adhu theriyathu
(If one looks at saivam then one cant see god

if one sees god then one cant see community

if one sees idol / stone then one cant see god

if one sees god then one cant see the idol / stone)

Oh Oh Sanam: Himesh bhai has sung this techno tamil song. Another forgettable song.
Oh Oh Sanam: Kamal has sung this slower version - so that one can understand the lyrics :); Nothing more that. Beat which comes after pallavi and before the first stanza sounds like the beat of "Ah Ah aashiqui hain meri" of 36 China town.

Audio release function: I caught up with this function on May 1 on TV. My opinion of this entire program goes like this:

Oscar Ravichandran built his early career by successfully distributing Jackie Chan's movies. So., he invited Jackie to this function. We respect the sincerity of the producer for not forgeting his past. You are very nice sir....

But things happened on that day can be classified as utter nonsense, sheer waste of money, time, energy of everyone concerned. The entire tamasha can be called as "self glorification by you scratch my back and i scratch yours" and "kakkai pidithal or ice" of dignitaries. TN CM has got better things to say about Jackie than Kamal !!!!!

By the way, Dhaam Dhoom song " Pudhu Pudhu" is the only song which sounds attractive and weird for the first 2-3 times. But it sinks in fast after 2-3 attempts and sounds as real cool song of the recent days.

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