Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Arushi's murder & Media

Teenage girl Arushi found murdered in Noida - Delhi. Servant was suspected as he was missing. Next day, the servant's body was found in terrace.

All hell broke lose, it turned out to twin murder rocks delhi story in media.

5 days have gone by. If one follows the media, phone records are out, every one who are close to family are being suspected, police entry to (inspection visit) of garage videotapes are freely available.

One wonders, what is the mood of the family? They suffered huge loss but they are hounded madly by media. Looks like, media is inspecting the case more than the delhi police !!!!!!!

I pity Arushi's parents, i am very sorry for them. Their privacy should be respected. Media has definitely crossed the limits in covering this news for sure :(

Update 11-July- 2008: Finally, almost after 50 days, Dr Rajesh Talwar was let off and the servants booked for arushi's murder. What an ordeal it must have been for everyone who were connected with this investigation...

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