Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chennai Engineering college admissions

Titbits on Chennai events:

1) Plus two marks have come and the rush for engineering admission started in Tamil Nadu.
According to the trends, the fancy for engineering seat is at the highest and the capitation fee has hit the roof. No one is apparantly talking anything less than 5 Lacs and the rate is going at 8-9 lacs for the most fancies courses. Tamil Nadu police says they cant take any action against colleges as they have not received any complaints !!!

2) Looks like tapping Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary's phone is a child's play. Deccan Chronicle revealed two tapes some time back on Kodanad estate issue. Latest was released by Subramanian Swamy. This tape had conversation of Minister Poongothai with DVAC Chief. Incidentally, The Hindu paper has time to write editorial on every topic happening around the world other than phone tapping scams.

3. Chennai temperature steadily hovering around 41 degrees. So dont come to chennai until atleast end of may. Who ever living in chennai, take shelter under a/c.

4. Very mixed reports on Kuruvi success. Lot of my friends are telling, that they are able to get across the counter ticket. Who ever reserves are of "funny character" in their opinion.


  1. The system followed for admission to engg coll in TN is pathetic! Since it's the parents themselves who are willing to pay so much money for an engg seat, no wonder the police don't get any complaints!

  2. hmm... But almost 4 lakh students pass out plus two every year. Police can find atleat 5 for co-operation if they really want to !!!

  3. What's the best way to reduce the capitation fee. One of my relatives is desperate for a eng seat, 82% marks in PLus 2

  4. No way to reduce the capitation fee; Stay out of Chennai or even tamil nadu. He will get a engg seat at a reasonable price - otherwise take a gamble of wait and see game with community based colleges. Community based colleges would finish admission for their own community members first
    and then distribute seats to others at a later stage depends on
    availability !

  5. if u dint know this year its been even tougher..u need to get 95% even to get a CSE seat a a tier 1 college..(guess what u qualify to pay and get a CSE seat !!) the end of the day a guy who scores higher get a good course like CSE..and the average guy gets a lower one..although both end up paying 6 lakhs...its unbelievable to see such atrocities happening and u see politicians do nothing abt it....

  6. Welcome Barry... Kalyug... what to do...