Friday, May 2, 2008

Glorious Indian IT Industry

Indian IT industry started way back in 1970s came to the forefront in Y2K and exponentially grown over many years. I wanted to pay tribute to this glorious ride to top…. As I worked in this industry for the last 7 years, my reading is un-biased & is based out of experience… No special point for timing of this write-up !!!

Things to cherish:

  • Healthiest, powerful growth of middle class (responsible for the growth of Indian Economy)
  • Provided alternative job opportunity to traditional industries
  • Abroad travel
  • Young turks' spending culture
  • Got global recognition by work
  • Exposure to new technology
  • Flat org structure
  • The best application ever developed – Indian railways ticket booking system – by CMC
  • MS Office Suite – most useful application for daily survival

  • Side Effects – Casual Sex as culture, Night-Outs at work, made fire fighting as culture

Things to focus in future

  • Quality of deliverable
  • Pro-active Customer service rather than reactive to customer complaints
  • Focus on Bug reduction
  • Development of Re-Usable components
  • Proper project management
  • Consultative approach

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