Monday, May 26, 2008

BJP's karnataka victory

BJP's karnataka assembly poll victory is very sweet to them as they came back strongly after the betrayal episode. Karnataka voted very sensibly and avoided hung assembly. The biggest losers are Janata Dal (JDS) and it ended up as a big swing in favour of BJP.

Things to watch out:

1. There are no secular vote, communal vote. In fact, so called secular votes tilted to BJP.

2. BJP should view this result as a vote for change and should focus on good governance.

3. BJP should go for alliance if they want to focus on Lok Sabha elections.

4. Voters have a general tendency to vote for Congress for Lok Sabha elections, hence BJP should not end up day dreaming and get themselves right.

5. Congress should get their cadre base to work instead of focusing on freebies.

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