Friday, January 16, 2009

Economics of Chennai Book Fair

I didn't like the book fair this year. No one have patience, energy to visit around 585 stalls. Even if some one wants to, it would take them 5-6 hours. So, it is a waste of time for consumers.

Here, I go in understanding the economics of Chennai book fair …

Stall Rent – last year, this year



No of Stalls – last year, this year



Total Rental collection (A * B)

Rs. 2.7 Cr

Rs. 4.62 Cr

Visitors per year



Avg sale per head

Rs. 250

Rs. 350

Total billing

Rs. 2.5 Cr

Rs. 3.5 Cr


The publishers must make atleast 3 times of rent to make his 10 days of stint worthwhile. So, every publisher must make around 2.3 Lacs of sale of books in 10 days amounting to average of 23k sale per day. How many publishers would have achieved this? May be 25 or so !!!

The organizers must bring down the number of stalls for sure. They should simply retain the top 25 publishers and should conduct lottery for others so as to restrict the stalls to 300 or so. The publishers also should have a section for new releases inside stalls. The visitors would be wondering to spot familiar, popular books always L

Looks like the organizers are making good profits than participants !!!


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  1. but rare n awesome collections were tr na. i enjoyed n got use f it