Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lyrics of Vizhi Moodi from Ayan

Lyrics of Vizhi Moodi from Ayan
English meaning of Vizhi Moodi from Ayan herewith:


Vizhi moodi yosithaal angeyum vandhaai munne munne
Thaniyaaga pesidum santhosam thanthaai penne penne
Adi idhu pol mazhai kaalam en vaazhvil varuma?
Mazhai kiliye mazhai kiliyae un kannai kandene
Vizhi vazhiye Vizhi vazhiye naan ennai kandene

you are there when i close my eyes and think
i derived happiness by talking to myself
will rainy season like this wud come again in my life?
oh rainy parrot, rainy parrot, i saw your eyes
i could see myself through your eyes
sweet honey

Vizhi moodi (full repeat)

Charanam 1

Kadalai pesidum vaarthaigal yaavum thuliyai thuliyai kuraiyum
Mounam pesidum baashaigal mattum purinthudume
Thaanai endhan kaalgal irandum unthan thisaiyil nadakkum
dhooram neram kaalam ellam suringidume
Indha kaadhal vandhu vittal, nam dhegam mithanthidume
Vinnodum mugiloodum villaiyaadi thirinthudume

i reduced my talking to few words from ocean of words
i started to understand the sound of silence
i walk automatically to your side
distance, duration, time all shrinking
our body floats in air when love enters
and plays with sky and clouds

Vizhi moodi...

Charanam 2

Aasai ennum thoondil mul thaan meenai nenjai izhukkum
Matti konda pin marupadi maddida manam thudikkum
Suttrum bhoomi ennai vittu thaniyai sutri parakkum
Nindral nadanthaal nenjil yedho pudhu mayakkam
Idhu maaya valai allava, pudhu mona nilai allava
Udai maarum Nadai maarum oru baaram ennai pidikkum

desire plays like fishing rod to catch the heart
you heart beat to get caught again
rotating earth moves away from me
you feel intoxicated in heart when you stand, walk
this is a magical net, and a new position of heart
attire changes, walk changes but you grow bit more weight in mind

Vizhi moodi...


  1. super vijay....kalakal...dhool...
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  12. Very nice song - I liked first Tamil song in my life.Very osom.