Thursday, January 8, 2009

Musical Titbits

Musical Titbis....

I was very busy in listening to concerts for 17 full days and I had to catch up with mass music from 3rd to 7th Jan. Here I go with my music review of Villu, Naan Kadavul, Slum Dog & Mahaleela ....

On Villu Music:

Villu music is a very good time pass. It is peppy, racy and goes easy on listening. Jalsa (reproduced track from pawan kumar - jalsa) is addictive. I also liked dheemthanakka and nee kovapattal (watch out for the success of this track post the release of the movie) tracks. Daady mummy sounds like a good item number whereas vaada mapley is a welcome baila tune. I felt very bad when vijay antony killed surangani in pandhayam movie and i felt DSP did justice and produced one good baila. I am not generally comfortable with Vijay's intro song - same this time too with hey rama rama track. Over all, Villu is a good commercial music - remove your thinking cap and tap your foot all the way !!!

On Naan Kadavul Music:

Naan Kadavul music is totally of different genre. Serious, spiritual, thought provoking music. Music arrangement has plenty of shades of maestro's 80s style. But it comes in different package hence, sounds much better. Om Shanti Om is full of slogams but has robust beat around it. Oru Kaatril and Kannil paarvai has same tune but both sounds good and has some director's cue in music. Amma un Pillai is soothing and thought provoking. Pichai paathiram is so beautiful and gives a heavenly feel. Overall, the popular combo of Maestro & Bala strikes back successfully at traditional music lovers.

Whoever have has given the idea of re-using haunting old song Maadha un kovilil deserves special greetings from me. It is one amazing tune in sindhu bairavi raaga sung beautifully by Janaki. kannadasan had written simple thought provoking 3 liners in that song. Thank you for revisiting this beautiful song.

On Rahman's Slum Dog Millionaire Music:

By the time I listened to this music, it was nominated for Golden Globe. But I managed to listen to this music without any expectation. Damn good album it turned out to be. I loved Gangsta Blues, ringa ringa, Jai Ho, Dreams on Fire - they demonstrate the creative side of musician. O Saya is so nice and robust and challenge the ears of mtv genre very well. Singing pattern in paper planes is catchy. Riots, Mausam and Escape fizzles out after promising start.

I was pleasantly surprised that Rahman composed this album in 3 weeks. I am looking forward to indian release of this movie. As a Rahman fan, i will celebrate with One KG of Krishna's Mysore Pa if thalaivar rahman wins Oscar. But as a musical fan, i doubt whether that would happen when i consider the fate of the catchy and quality music of Juno. It is always difficult to predict Oscar winning list - Let us hope for the best.

Sivamani's Mahaleela:

Sivamani brushes shoulders with greats of music everyday - like Rahman, Ilayaraja, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Trilok, Louis Banks etc... His debut album arrives finally !!! Let us see how it goes... 12 tracks of all - has pop, techno, percussion, drumming, fusion, spirituality - but caters to niche audience;

I loved Mother's land track, Infinity, Vasi Vasi, Basin Bridge. Kriya took me to a different mood altogether. Track on his father SM Anandhan is beat oriented whereas Adhaar is the most friendliest track on the list. Jam packed is a typical fusion track in which Hariharan freaks out !

Overall a catchy, engaging and creative effort. Tired of meaningless word filled lyrics - try it !

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