Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My experience with Isha Yoga

I completed my program with Isha Yoga on Shambhavi Mahamudra. The program spans over 7 days - 6 days of 3h each, one full sunday until 4:30pm;

I liked the curriculum and its mix of yoga and philosophy content; I am practicing it for the last one week religiously and i am feeling fresh. More update on improvements after some 50 days of practice atleast !

Individuals always look forward for self improvement - programs like these offers enlightenment. People should be selective in choosing the right program and venture.

I strongly believe that practice lies in the participant's hands and not with the coach. If you cant practice, do not venture and waste your money !

Update on March 15, 2009

My experience is turning out to be decent. Lots of changes like lesser tension while driving, aware of getting angry, little more search for peace of mind etc. Some body related issues like toning down of inner voice, motion have also happened. I wanted to improve my concentration before joining - i can see that i am working on that. Dont think, i will stop my yoga hereafter.


  1. My brother is a keen follower of Isha yoga. I am also thinking of joining these yoga classes.

  2. Go ahead Santoshi, i dont think u will ever regret it ! All the best.

  3. how is that possible for you to provide an update of March 15,2009 on Jan 29, 2009???