Friday, January 23, 2009

Movie Review of Slum Dog Millionaire

Movie Review of Slum Dog Millionaire

Story of rags to riches; Engaging Movie with bit of slow start; Wonderful direction by Danny Boyle... He gets it amazingly right - lovely casting; his preference for modern music instead of western classical for background score; effective use of the slum background; action scenes vs dialogue scenes mix;

Plus points:

a. 20 minutes of Jamal winning the KBC show;
b. Rahman's brilliant score
c. city of god type screen play - oscillates between past & present;
d. Well shot movie considering the crowded locales

Minus points:

a. Masala movie
b. Does not give you positive feeling when you walk out of cinemas
c. Joins countless movies which end with railway station climax

Final conclusion:

Surprising to notice 10 Oscar nominations for this movie. May be, the hollywood folks are tired of their adventures (batman types, saviour of the world stories) and looking out.

Some debates are going on whether this movie is a poverty porn, portrays India in poor light etc... My take: You folks should have made all the noise when most of yash raj movies were made in US, UK but speaks Hindi, wears skimpy, transparant clothes etc but preaches Indian tradition ! If that cant be bad, this cant be also bad ! If that is not fake, neither Slum Dog is fake !

Just go out and enjoy western interpretation of Indian life.


  1.'s how i found ur search! i was lukin for the english translation of the song annul melae by sudha, vaaranam aayiram. wud it possible for yout o post it or at least email it to me? u can mail me at this address: reema.banerjee at gmail dot com. thanks!

  2. Vijay, I agree with your summation of the movie. Now I understand why you disagreed with my point of view :) Irrespective of what the movie is about am thrilled for ARR. :)