Friday, January 30, 2009

Lyrics of Oru Paarvayil from Siva Manasula Sakthi

Lyrics of Oru Paarvayil from Siva Manasula Sakthi

Oru Paarvayil poo koduthai
oru vaarthayil vaazha vaithaai
oru megathai pol endhan dhegathai maatri vaithaai
iragai pol oru vegathil vegathil vanathil vanathil sellugindren
nilavai pol unai dhoorathil dhoorathil paarkindra podhellam thullugindren

nee enadhu uyiraaga
naan unadhu uyiraaga
naan unadhu nenjathil thondridum neram
nee kaanum kanavellam
naan kanum kanavagi
naam serndhu ondraga parthida vendum

Uyire nee paarthale uyirukkul boogambangal thondrum
unnal adi unnale ullukkul ennennavo aagum


  1. can you pls post Oru Kal Song Lyrics

  2. yes, agreed
    please post ORU KAL LYRICS

  3. Done Hari, Mithila.
    Sorry hari., i totally missed your post :(

  4. in the place of ? replace with "iragai"

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  7. could u pls post the meaning of this song. Love the lyrics.

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  9. can you please give its meaning???