Friday, January 23, 2009

Movie Review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Movie Review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Some basic facts - this is not a mystery or action movie; around 155m in duration;

Benjamin is the principal character of the movie - born old and ages backward toward childhood; so an epic story spans over some 70 years of life of a human (so an epic) which any of experience on daily basis. It has got love, action and loads of emotions! One can say, it is similar to Forest Gump type of movie.

Brad Pitt's real face comes alive around 106th minute !

Over all a brilliant movie - you end up liking the movie due to effective action of Pitt and Cate Blanchett. The narrative style of the movie is innovative - example the accident scene; Some small episodes of the movie is portrayed brilliantly - like return of Benjamin Sr; lady in red; natural words in greeting cards;

Dont miss this movie if you love emotions !!!

By the way, this movie is nominated for 13 Oscars... All the very best.

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