Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DMK snaps ties with PMK

Five reasons why PMK is out of DMK in Tamil Nadu

1. DMK chief Karunanidhi became very busy in answering the allegations of PMK Ramadoss than the opposition leader Jayalalitha

2. DMK feels that PMK leaked the telephone tapping issue to public

3. PMK stopped the satellite township project

4. PMK gave a thumbs down ranking to DMK government recently

5. Most importantly, when so many crores of people - alliance parties, news papers, poets / writers, Film fraternity and people who received the Color TV are greeting the DMK chief - PMK was the odd man out in blasting the DMK. After all, DMK chief does not have time to listen to adverse comments amidst kakka kootam. His diary is full of "Parattu Vizha" appointments.

So What Next?

I dont think, some political re-alignment would happen in hurry - highly unlikely for the upcoming lok sabha election in early 2009. After all, who would hurry to join hands with Camouflage?

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