Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dasavatharam review – Reaction to Movie

One Line Story of Kamalhassan's magnus opus - Dasavatharam: Scientist Kamal in USA invents some new thing through Bio-technology which potentially can be a disaster to world and as one expects, the bad smells it. The chase shifts to India and it goes on and on until the virus gets destroyed.

Music: Songs have come out good. Sri Devi Prasad carried out a decent job for background score.

Photography: Mostly Lovely. But some crane or steady-cam shots are excessively used.

Editing and Art work: Too good.

Dialogue: Some one-liners are outstanding. The interaction between Kamal & Asin are lovely especially the arguments on the topic whether god is there or not. Rao's comedy and Poovaragan's support for earth comes next.

Fight Sequence: Impressive and matching the Hollywood standards. Especially Tsunami re-creation is mind-boggling.

Make-Up: Too plastic.

Computer graphic work: Highly, wondefully impressive. Kudos to this team – they made the dream a reality.

Other Actors: Asin has some maximum screen space. She is natural but her dubbing in couple of instances goes "too scratchy or screamy"; Nothing much for others. Scientist Vinayak is impressive in his brief role. Mallika offers some oomph and nothing beyond that.

Kamal's ten roles: Kamal sparkles as Intelligence officer Naidu, witty to the core. Telegu accent is too good to believe. Kamal as Poovaragan has got lot of punchy lines and makes one think of global warming. Kamal as Govind is mostly lost in good versus evil chase and comes out alive only during the arguments with Asin. Kamal as Fletcher is a terminator. Kamal is very enthusiastic as George Bush. One does not see Kamal in Patti and Japanese Samurai. Kamal is a letdown as the tall Muslim and Singer. My preference goes for the 12th century Priest Kamal – As Rangarajan and he sets the tone impressively for the rest of the movie.

It is amazing how the Kamal established as a versatile actor. His body language in each and every character is totally different and impressive. His differentiation in dialogue delivery, accent, and presentation in ten different, divergent roles are truly mind blowing.

Let-down: Story should be told in a simple way finally that should be bottomline – example Thillu Mullu, Avvai Shanmugi; That doesn't happen here.

Cinema is escapism and Heroism is what any average individual identifies himself with. Unfortunately, Scientist Kamal's as savior character is difficult to go with.

Secondly, the virus cannot be described and thirdly too many over make-up kamal's makes the appearances throughout the movie.

Advice: Don't miss the beginning and ending of the movie.

Direction: K S Ravikumar has done an enviable job. He managed to produce a far better product when compared to Sivaji.
Producer: Money well spent !!!

Final Remarks: If one is ardent movie fan, don't even think of missing this movie and watch it only in theatre. After all, the efforts are truly mesmerizing and spectacular to ignore.


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