Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Theory

Old theories Gone with the Wind

Indian economy was booming from 1995 onwards. The second father of the nation according to me is Sri Narasimha Rao who started reforms with the then Finance Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh. It resulted in the other face of India and took us out of snake charmers, poverty kind of impressions of the developed world.

Now the old theories have become history due to continued economic boom.

1. Flats are costlier than land in many places

2. You join and retire with one Company employment

3. You go to foreign countries for lucrative high salary employment. (Many people who went could not buy any big land in their home towns due to raising land prices; people are saddled with lot of savings but unable to invest - post 2000 !!!)

4. One of the most happening consumer market is India for Cars, personal products like beauty creams, retail business etc... New opportunities like corporate multiplexes have collaspsed the existing theatre structure.

5. Top notch techno jobs are available in India & this made many people travel back to India from foreign countries for quality of work.

6. Civil engineers never had it so well. Construction projects were never as big as now like malls, lovely roads etc...

7. Night shift jobs due to BPO. Fresh grads are getting 6 to 15k per month.Who said we want only experienced guys?

8. Mobile phone subscribers are higher than land line subscribers !!!

9. Entrepreneurship at its best in India as so many normal people made it big in industrilisation. Once again, going to job is no longer lucrative option. By the way, the petti kadai takes only $ 10 or approximately Rs.500 capital to start !

10. Who said "savings" is the habit of indians!!! They are turning spend-thrifts for the last 6 - 8 years. India still saves around 35% and 60% of people do not have bank accounts !!!

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