Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lyrics of En kadhale from Duet

Lyrics of En kadhale from Duet


En kadhale en kadhale
ennai enna seyya pogirai
naan oviyam endru therinthum nee
yen kannirandai ketkirai

siluvaigal siragukal
rendil enna thara pogirai
killuvadhai killi vittu
yen thalli nindru parkirai

Charanam 1

Kadhaley... nee poo erindhal
endha malaiyum konjam kuzhayum
kadhaley nee kal erindhal
endha kadalum konjam kalangum
ini meelvadha illai veezhvada
uyir vaazhvadha illai povadha
amudenpadha vizha-menpadha
unnai amudha-vizhamen-padha

Charanam 2

kadhale un kaaladiyil
naan vizhundhu vizhundhu thozudhen
kangalai nee moodi kondal
naan kulungi kulungi azudhen
idhu maatrama thadu-maatrama
en nenjile pani mootama
nee thoziya illai edhiriya
endru dhinamum porattama


  1. amazing song ... thanks for posting

  2. lovely song...dis song melts my heart ...thnx 4 posting

  3. U seem like a good man ... Take care of ur wife and children and have a nice life ... god bless u

  4. I am a good man., no more doubts abt it anonymoys ! Thanx for your wishes.

  5. Thanks for the lyrics. I am from Andhra (now living in Chennai) trying to learn Tamil by finding out the meaning of my favorite songs like this one. Your blog covers most of them. :) Your profile is cool. Keep posting.

    - Gopi.

  6. awesome dude... i'm ur fan... perfect lyrics from a perfect ssong... keep it going...

  7. it is
    "naan ovian endru thenrinthum" and not "ovium endru therinthum".
    I think the rest are ok. Thanks for the lyrics anyway.

  8. Can you give lyrics for the English stanza which comes at the start of the song too..

  9. i like this song very much:-) becoz it is very melody....................................

  10. one of the master piece of SPB with ARR. Thanks for ur lyrics here Vijay.

  11. @ vijay:

    Thanks for posting the lyrics...

    BTW, it is

    amudenpadha vishamenpadha
    unnai amudha-vishamenpadha

    and not

    amudenpadha vizha-menpadha
    unnai amudha-vizhamen-padha.

    Zh is pronounced as in "Tamizh".

    @ Arunls Here:

    The lyrics for the English Stanza at the start of the song...

    Love is torture
    Words can't just express

    Love is gamble
    With tears of pain in life disgrace

    Love makes your life insane
    When may we stand
    to lose the game

    Love has this crazy name
    the pain and sorrow
    died down in shame

  12. Can I find the entire translation of this song into English? Thanks.

  13. Pleaseeee can you translate to english the whole song,I love it but i don't speak tamil...please! :)
    Thank you!!!


    THANKS A LOT..........

  15. Awesome Lyrics I love it,,,,,, Thank you so much
    This Song Stoles Everyone's Heart...

  16. Awesome Lyrics I love this song....
    this Song Stoles Everyone's Heart......
    Very Much heart touching lines...

  17. Oh my love..
    what are you going to do with me?
    you know that I am the good artist
    but you are asking my eyes (as the replacement)

    cross of jesus,feathers of birds
    which one you would give for me?
    (love)you initiated your magical touch (with me)
    after that, you just sit idle and watch our sufferings

    Charanam 1

    Oh love, if you throw a flower
    the mountain will collapse in to pieces
    oh love, if you throw a little stone
    that will make a break into the seas...
    aint I fell down or rising up?
    aint i gonna die or living here?
    (Love)Are you a sacred food or killing poison
    or you made by both of the above

    Charanam 2

    oh love...i just fallen so many times
    to worship your holy feet.
    Oh love...i was crying all the day
    when you close your eyes
    is this a good change or illness?
    i felt the snow fallen in my heart
    are you my friend or an enemy?
    am questioning every day in thwart!

  18. please, post the english lines from this song