Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Impotent Government

Communists live in the past glory of nationalisation, communist era; they dont care about globalisation, privatisation, free economy etc... One can understand their philosophy based on their rule of West Bengal - they didnt produce anything other than food and some millions of bata sandals !!!

Congress on the other hand, gone to worse - they lost their identity from Indira Gandhi period - exceptions are - a brief period of Rajiv Gandhi or the inimitable Narasimha Rao rule.

9th meeting of Left - UPA committe held today on Nuclear deal finalisation - they decided to meet again - to cut the story short, this is what is happening from last July 2007.

One party is impotent and the other party is still thinking that they are the attractive bride to date with !!!! Naturally, they didnt go high after a marathan foreplay sessions !!!!!

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