Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lyrics of engeyo paartha mayakkam from Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Lyrics of engeyo paartha mayakkam from Yaaradi Nee Mohini (with english meaning)


engeyo paartha mayakkam
yeppodo vaazhndha nerukkam
devadhai indha saalai oram
varavadhu enna maayam maayam

I feel intoxicated
i feel i lived with you some time ago
angel is passing by the street
i wonder whether it is magic

kan thirandhu-ival paarkum podhu
kadavul'lai nambum manadhu

when i open my eyes and see
feel like no god around

Innum kangal thirakkadha sirpam
Oru kodi poo pookum veppam
aan manadhai azhikka vandha saabam

Drawing is yet to open eyes
I feel the heat of one crore flower blooming
its a curse which came to clean the heard of man

arivai mayakkum maaya thaagam
ivalai paartha inba kolam
varaindhu paarka nenjam yengum

This thirst would clean my brain
Joyous moods of me seeing her to be captured in drawing

Charanam 1

Kanavugalil vaazhndha naalai
kann ethithery paarkiren
kadhaigaliley ketta penna
thirumbi thirumbi parkiren
angum ingum odum kaalgal
asaya marutha venduthey
indha idathil innum nirka
idhayam kooda yengudhey

I am witnessing the life lived with her before me
she resembles about the girls i listened in stories
my legs refuse to move from the place she is around
my heart longs to stay in the place she is around

ennanadho yedhanadho
kannadi pol udaithidum manadhu
kavithai ondru paarka poga
kangal kalangi naanum yenga
maazhayin saaral ennai thaakka
vidaigal ellam kelvi kerka (engeyo)

what happened my heart is breaking like glass pieces
i went to see a poem but i ended up longing with tears in my eyes
Drizzle hit my face when answers asked questions

Charanam 2

Aadhi andhamaum marandhu
un arugill karaindhu naan ponen
aangal vekta padum tharunam
unai paartha pinbu naan kandu konden
idi vizhundha veetil indru
poochedigal pookiradhey
ival thaaney undhan padhi
kadavul pathil ketkirathey

I forgot my past when i came near to you
I realised why men blush when i came near to you
Home which got hit by thunder started nursing flowers
you are my better half as per god

viyandhu viyandhu
kudaindhu kudaindhu
sarindhu sarindhu
mirandu mirandu
indha nimidam meendum pirandhu
unakkul kalandhu tholaindhu tholaindhu

going through wonder confusion sloppy fear
i re-born this minute
and i want to merge and lose myself in you
(engeyo in flute)


  1. can i know thw mwaning of mayakkam?is it sleep?
    and also "vaazhndha nerukkam" wht is themeaning?

  2. nerukkam means closeness...

    meaning of first 4 lines...

    I feel intoxicated
    i felt like i lived with her
    angel passing by my street
    wonder why is this magic

  3. danx for da meaning..
    again, if u dnt mind, wht is da word for intoxicated?

  4. I would appreciate if you could please post an english translation of the song. Its my friend's favorite and both her and I dont understand tamil so It would be a great help. Thanks in advance.

  5. trust this translation would help to understand the meaning little better !!! Enjoy folks...

  6. One quick correction:
    Oru kodi poo pookum vetkam

  7. kan thirandhu-ival paarkum podhu
    kadavul'lai nambum manadhu

    this means exactly
    when she opens her eyes and Looks
    my heart believes in God

    the best line in this song

  8. kan thirandhu-ival paarkum podhu
    kadavul'lai nambum manadhu

    this means exactly
    when she opens her eyes and Looks
    my heart believes in God

    the best line in this song

    from Darsan swiss

  9. can i know the meaning of viyandu viyandu in 2nd charanam.

  10. Where is the credit for the original lyricist???? Viyandu = viyappu = surprise, poetically speaking it is repeated twice in this verse!

  11. @sabith pocker
    mayakkam = illusion

  12. this is totally out of the box but i want to ask you something there's something called "uppu mootai" in tamil where parents carry their kids on their back do you know what it is called in english ? i found it hard to explain it to my friend whoi s a foreigner

  13. Uppu Motai means physically carrying some one like carrying a sack. There is no direct term I can think off to make a westener understand. Uppu Moottai is common in Africa.

  14. can you please post the meaning of unnai ninaikave from jay jay ?

  15. "Uppu mootai" is nothing but piggy back rides