Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lyrics of Chinna chinna mazhai thuligal from en swasa kaatre

Lyrics of Chinna chinna mazhai thuligal from en swasa kaatre


chinna chinna mazhai thuligal serthu vaippeno
minnal oliyil nooleduthu korthu vaippeno
chinna chinna mazhai thuligal serthu vaippeno
minnal oliyil nooleduthu korthu vaippeno
chakkaravagamo mazhayai arundhumam-naan
sakkaravaga paravai aaveno
mazhayin thaaraigal vaira vizhidugal
vizhudhu pidithu vinnil serveno

Charanam 1

siru poovinile vizhundhal oru then thuliyai varuvai
siru sippiyile vizhundhal oru muthu-enave mudhirvai
payir verinile vizhundhal navadhaniyamai vilaivaai
En kanvizhikkul vizhundhadhanal kavidhayaga malarndhai

andha iyarkai annai padaitha oru periya shower idhu
ada indha vayadhu kazhindhal piragengu nanaivadhu
ival kanniyenpadhai indha mazhai kandendhu solliyadhu

Charanam 2

mazhai kavidhai kondu varudhu yaarum kadavadaikka vendam
oru karuppu kodi kaati yaarum kudai pidikka vendam
idhu devadhayin parisu yaarum thirumbi kolla vendam
nedun-chalayile nanaya oruvar sammadhamum vendam

andha megam surandha paalil yen nanaya marukkirai
nee vaazha vandha vaazhvil oru pagudi izakkirai
nee kangal moodi karayum podhu mannil sorgam eeyduvaai


  1. i too love the lyrics..thanks for the lyrics..

  2. I found this page through Google — As one who does not know Tamil, I would love to have an English translation!

  3. thanks ..............
    i like this lyrics so much

  4. lovely song..lyrics and music too good...!thanks for this awesome lyrics...!

  5. Mazhaiyin tharaigal vaira vizhuthugal nan vizhuthu pidithu vinil serveno..... Whenever rain when i am outside my home i will sing this song to myself and walk in rain

  6. my fav songgggggggggggggggggggggggg................

  7. Mg sreekumar rocked.... this is wat song is...

  8. thanks for lyrics man.. its awesome

  9. Awesome Lyrics...Vairamuthu sir really u r great sir...

  10. azhagana varigal...azhagana paadal

  11. Trying to explain this song to my daughter who doesn't understand Tamil that much, I had to translate it to English.. here's the very non-lyrical English translation:


    Will I gather tiny raindrops?
    Will I string them together on a slice of lightning?

    Chakravaga bird supposedly drinks rain...
    Will I be like this bird?

    These torrents are like aerial roots made of diamonds
    Will I climb them and reach the sky?

    Charanam 1

    If you (rain) fall on this flower, you come out as nectar..
    If you fall in a shell, you mature as a pearl..
    If you fall on crops, you are harvested as grains..
    Since you fell on my eyes, you bloom as a poem.

    You are the bath shower created by Mother Nature
    If not at this age, when else will we get wet?
    See, this rain has proved her a young girl (as she is enjoying the rain).

    Charanam 2

    This rain brings poetry, don't anyone close your doors (minds)
    Don't show it a black flag by opening your umbrellas
    This is a gift from the angels, don't turn your backs on it
    To get wet on the road you don't need anyone's consent

    Why are you refusing to partake of the milk from clouds?
    You are losing a part of your life.
    Close your eyes and enjoy the rain for a slice of heaven.