Thursday, June 19, 2008

Top 10 cliched statements of this decade (2001 to 2010)

According to me, I rank these statements are clichéd – I listen, read about it repeatedly…. Readers can consider this as a Blog Tag and you can rank your own statements that you come across in your daily life !!! I enjoyed this post, so pls leave your comments J

10 I am sorry

"Sorry" means "regret" - this word completely lost its significance in this century - this word has become more of a
formality - i have seen many people walking away after small accidents without even saying a word - no time for silly
feelings I suppose !!!!!

9 This song takes some time to grow on you

This cliched statement is used more often by A R Rahman fanatics than anyone else. I definitely hate this statement - super hit song catches the attention immediately - super
bad song can also be identified almost immediately - only mediocre songs can be confusing / misleading: any decent listener
without bias can make a decision of the song category which potentially it can fall into after a maximum of 5 listening, so !!!

8 On My Way

I am on my way dear - this statement if used by a male means "the guy is looking out for a suitable dress to wear before
leaving or probably he is standing before the mirror with underwear"; if used by a female means "she is checking her make up or putting her lipstick"

- But definite confirmation is both of them are no- where near the meeting place or time J

7 Awesome

Highly used by Americans - found the way to Indian youngistan and IT crowd nowadays. Liberally used like "awesome food", "awesome movie", "awesome
dress" etc... Means, the person who utters "kinda likes it" and it does not assure anything for the listener and they better beware of the said described item L

6 It is a love story with a difference;

Often used to describe a movie before its release - "love story with a difference", "different climax" etc. This sweeping statement means "don't even expect anything from that movie - it could fall flat heavily !!!"

5 Premiers on TV - Indhiya tholai katchigalil mudhal murayaga

Popularised by some unknown face shouting from his abdoman on SUN TV - for some lousy movie which potentially could be
repeated some 100 times - means "the advertisement slots are fully booked so make yourself available for 225minutes for this
160 minute movie - further warning - it can go upto 240 minutes for a reasonably hit movie !!!"

4 You lack the fire or challenging attitude

Boss tells this statement mostly during apprisal. He would invariably wait for one year to tell this great finding to the team member !!! Simply means your score is 2.50 out of 5 and if you fight and argue for one hour it can become 3 out of 5 !!!

3. Breaking News

All the television channels use the breaking news indiscreminately - nowadays it means that they are breaking a sports team,
family or some celebrity pair by their repeat telecasts - Even a lie would sound like a truth after 250 repeat telecast over
5 english and 3 regional news channels !!!

2. The law would take its own course

You got it - it is from the politicians of course !!! If it is uttered by the ruling party it means "dont bother about it for
15 years - we will keep appealing in all available courts so as you forget about it"; Seldom uttered by a opposition party -
if at all uttered - it means that "it is a false case and we will make sure to take it to courts to get some time to hit back"

1 Change

"Be the change" is often used by HR to sell something to staff; "change / New / Improved" is also used by marketing agencies
to sell their lousy product; "Be the change" is also used by political leaders to attract voters - all these statements means
only one thing - it would benefit the seller in a great way and you are expected to volunteer and support to fulfill someone else's dream.