Monday, June 16, 2008

Tale of Lap-top Strolley Bag purchase

Tale of Lap-top Strolley Bag purchase

My friend wanted to buy a strolley bag to keep up comfort with his frequent travel tours. He wanted a qualified person's company (I was the one !!!) to help in selection.

Our journey started in Spencer Plaza in Mount Road. We went close to 10 shops and figured out the availability. VIP, Lycarllopolo, Samsonite are some of the models we browsed across.The prices were ranging from Rs.2500 to Rs.9000 in each shop without any pattern !!!

Finally, we bargained and bought a Lycarllopolo bag for Rs.2000/= which was initially quoted as Rs.3000/= to Rs.3400/=

I believe the same bag / brand is sold in Bangalore Forum Mall for Rs.4500/=. I could not see this brand in Ebay or Rediff sites when I searched today. I saw some offers for Rs.6500 for APC laptop bags.

The moot point from this entire episode is what could be the ideal price for this bag? Can anyone tell from their experience? I believe the same bag / brand is sold in Bangalore Forum Mall for Rs.4500/=. It is a sorry state of affairs as some one imports from somewhere and sell it at their will or at their margin and we don't have any control or
idea of the reasonable price


  1. I bought a Samsonite one for Rs.1500. But that was 4 yrs back and in Hyderabad. No idea what the prices are now though.

    Happy shopping! :-)

  2. You made a excellent investment !!! Samsonite seldom sells any item which is less than 3k nowadays :)

  3. What I can say is that, even I had the same experience in Hyderabad, Delhi, Agra. But finally I had bought a non branded trolley bag size 22" at Rs 650 only..... that too from Kota, they are manufacturers of these bags. Working tough and fine.

  4. Good to see the discussion going even after two year :) No change., I would say !!!